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We'll go over the Syllabus and Policies.
We will have a full viewing of Revolution OS and discuss the GPL and Open Source Definition.

First "Homework" Assignment
  • Get an account on one a major hosting platform: Bitbucket, GitHub, or Google Code.
  • Create a first project with yourself as the owner.
  • Create a wiki page to describe your project.
  • Create a simple program (e.g. Hello World) and use locally installed version control tools (hg, svn, git) to track your code and push it out to the hosting provider.
  • For this course, I personally recommend Bitbucket and GitHub but you may use any of the others (e.g. Google Code, SourceForge, etc.) For most new users, Bitbucket and GitHub are likely to present fewer complications.
  • Share the URL of your repository with me. I will describe the submission process during class.