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Proposals and Writing

I will be discussing proposals and writing tools in tonight's class.

This summer, I am going to require that you learn to use a structured authoring tool so you will learn something about working with open source documentation tools. Examples of such tools include:
To ensure that you learn to use these tools, you will write your project proposal and format it using one of the above tools. The due date is June 6 by class time. I realize that this is a tight deadline but need everyone to have an idea of what they'll be doing.

You may write with any tool you like (Word, OpenOffice, or Google Docs) but must submit the source for your document in one of the above formats, along with its PDF. To make things interesting, you must also put the document under version control using Bitbucket or a suitable hosting tool.

You are strongly encouraged to learn and use LyX, which is the easiest way to learn how to use LaTeX or DocBook and will allow you to work with a more familiar WYSIWYG (or WYSIWYM as the authors refer to it) editing environment.  Another option is to download the personal edition of OxygenXML, which has support for DocBook and TEI. 

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