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Proposal Outline

Here are the notes from Wednesday's class! (6/1)

Your proposal is due by June 6. It must be submitted in PDF and include the "source code" in LyX, LaTeX, DocBook, or TEI formats. In addition, it must be placed under version control using Mercurial or Git (to make sure you know how to use it). Ideally, you can just submit your repository URL to me and add me as a collaborator.

The ideal length (assuming LaTeX article style in 10-11 point font) is 4-10 pages.

(0) Abstract 250-500 Words
  • Title/Author
  • Executive Summary
    • (Technical)Intellectual Merit
      • Ideas/novelty factor
      • Has it been done before?
      • How will you do it better?
    • Broader Impact
      • Effect on Society
      • Loyola's Mission
    • Transformative Potential
      • Dramatic impact on society
      • Dramatic impact on the field
  • Objectives
  • Problem Statement
  • Motivation/Background
  • Related Work
  • Objectives/tasks/Milestones
  • Timeline-Project Management Software Recommended(Basecamp, etc.)
  • Technical Approach
  • Budget
  • Evaluation of Outcome
    • Have a plan for testing/evaluating
    • Peer review!!
  • Qualifications
  • References/Works Cited

***Use electronic journals
  • ACM/IEEE/etc.
Incorrect Works Cited:
1. http:
2. http:
3. Wikipedia